Friday, February 1, 2013

Precious is the Life force
Of all that is alive in the fields of time
Precious is the matter
That holds the awakening dream divine.

Precious is the Spirit
beyond the mind confines,
That weaves this energy of creation
In an infinite space and time.

The Spirit that lives in the breath we breathe
That gives life to this magic in the moment
we choose to give and receive.

Precious is the love,
The magnet that draws us here.
So we might always return to plant
The seeds of Life so we may learn to care.

Precious is the purpose
that  holds us through the spinning dream.
and so precious is the merging
 of our hearts and minds to hold the key.

how do you plan to save all sentient beings
and every living thing
when the bud within the Buddha blossoms
to be one with the Creator
and is lost in a million pieces of the puzzle
that is waiting here to be complete.

and to all the precious sentient Beings
who were saved and then showed the way
and to all those who watched on the side lines
of the Game of Life and the Power Play.

Bow your head at the alter
Of the precious flower of life
That shines like a jewel  as an offering
with the fire God so precious in the Love of Life.