Saturday, February 2, 2013

With all the Power to love at the Core of Your Being
Now Let yourself be Loved
With all the Power of the Love God has
Let your self feel that love
And accept the Love as who you are.

With all the Love that you now feel
Allow yourself to be forgiven,
For any harm created in this or any other lifetime.
And allow yourself to be healed .

And now let the pure Light of your soul be filled with God’s Love
And bring that love, the love you have longed for into your heart
And embrace that love with the Passion of the power of God’s grace
And be made whole in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Open your heart, sweet child of God
Open your heart to the Love that is present here and now.
Believe it,
Feel it,
Be it,
Become it.
And embrace the truth and the Power of who you are in this very moment

All the hunger in the body, the heart and the soul is now released
For now you are filled with the Holy Spirit
And your true identity of your soul’s Light.
Now you are at home in the Heart of God’s Divine Love
And it is present here and now in you and through you, as you.           

And say
I am the Holy Light of Love
I am the Love that holds the Light of Gods’ pure energy
I embrace the love present here and now.
I embody that love.
For I am the living light of God’s Love.

I accept that love with great gratitude
I accept the blessings of the Lord
And I am Healed by the Power of God’s amazing Grace
And it is so, and so it is.