Monday, February 4, 2013

Off the beaten path
There is a choice that is there to find
Beyond the road that ‘s well traveled
There is some quiet and peace of mind

Beyond life’s many distractions we follow
There is some great simplicity
A way to worship and practice
With a love for God as a way to be

Off the beaten path
Is the life that hears a call
And a devotion to the Lord
That is at the heart of it all

Life and all the lessons learned
Happens to all who live each day
how you choose to listen
is really your decision to make.

when you give yourself to God
what does God give back to you?
there is some mystery in the silence found
that is waiting there in the service you do

Off the beaten path
To live as a dove of the Lord
With a chalice held to the light
And the grace of living without and finding more

Is this a sacrifice you make
Or is it the truth of a simple and right
a very  blessed journey
Of being a hermit  in this life