Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Faith, my friend,
In the love that is always right there for you.
Time and time again.
I abide with you and I am here,
From the beginning until the end.

Each time you find a blessing,
Each time a miracle happens, whether big or small,
each time you find a reason to believe,
I am there with you at the heart of it all.

Faith is there in the heart of love,
Faith is there when you can’t see,
And in all the things you think you have to do,
Have Faith, that I’ll be there for you.

I’ll be with you and when you fall,
 even in the silence of the darkest night ,
I can hear your soul cry out,
I’ll be there to hear your call.

Faith my friend forever,
For when you started on this path so very long ago,
I made a promise to you,
I ‘d be with you in your soul’s light
and through the clouds and the rain,
 I will send you rainbows
To brighten up your day.

And I’ll be there as the night gives way
 To meet you in your heart and soul
 And I am there when each day you meet me
at the breaking of a brand new day.

And when the demands of this life get heavy
And on your knees you pray
Have faith and know that I am here to guide you
 as you travel on your way.

Yes from the beginning til the end
I am always there for you,
so have faith, have faith, my friend.