Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Through the veils of time
A vision comes to the mind
 And through the flight of being
The perception still can shine

And if you look to the distance
As if you were trying to see the farthest star
And if you threw off the veils of time
So you could be in the place that waits from afar

And somehow the form allows
The spirit here to see
The legions of angels who grace
The place where the Lord’s throne waits for me

And you feel in your soul that sirens call
That can so draw so close to be
Alive in the blessed merging of God and Man
And yet still man holds back
From the true discovery of this the greatest mystery.

And there are many stories of the Glory
And the song that led us there
And the veil has been discarded to reveal the truth
That waits just over there
With just one wing, with just one hand, with just one breath
I still reach to see the promised land,
For One promise was given with no thought of what’s secure
 And there is no penance that can cover,
The need for God’s true face
And I hear the whispers, I hear your prayers,
 and I do believe you can set me free.
And in a breath I hear,
Don’t hide your heart my love, do not hide your soul,
Do not judge me if I can’t wait to reveal you as you at last come back to me.

For all the seeds have been planted
and the harvest time is near
And the veil of time can slip away to find the truth you seek is here.

And you can love for love’s sake
And you can let your light shine Bright
 and the veil between the world and heaven can now be lifted
 and you can be with me.