Thursday, February 7, 2013

Find the Good

If you truly look for the good that is there
Then in your search you will find
 God’s Love that we share.

The good that is there in you
And the good that is in me,
When it is good that you seek
You will find you the key

For in the Good is the Heart of God’s Love Divine
And you’ll find there a unifying Spirit
That will help you get past your mind.

And it’s really as simple as that, my friend
Look for the good
And it will help you to see
the whole picture of life and your destiny

For there is always some good
That is  in you and me
And if you judge others harshlym you know this is true
Then that judgment comes right back to you.

So try to focus on the good instead
And look with the heart
And not with the head.

There is such good to find
At work in the world,
And it all is a mirror to see
The work of the lord.

So focus on the Good and the true
And let God’s goodness
Come and bless you.