Friday, February 8, 2013

The Robe of Light

How would you adorn the Lord so you could see Him here.
In this world where we believe what we see.
Could you believe in Robe of creation worn
From the light of God’s pure energy .

How would you feel that light, hear that light, and hold it
As you reach to touch the hem of the robe
 so you might be blessed by it here
And let it protect and hide that part you won’t show

For the world is adorned in the pure Light of the Lord
With Blessings given each day.
With a light that transforms and is reflected
By the journey of each soul on the way.

 How do you see the light of lights
In the worlds pure energy,
That converts this light so that it has the power
to be and to become the One Light, and One Love that we are from.

And the light of your soul is as a soular charging station,
And if you let the soul reflect the one pure light of God above,
you become a channel to radiate and share that light
to heal and to transform the darkness into love.

We are all a part of One great network of light,
that holds the presence of Spirit
that is here as we bring it to life.

for we are the beacons of the Living Light of the Lord,
and we can shine and be attuned to be
energized to become what we came here for.
and in this one great life force of light of the lord.

We are the point of Light within a far greater light.
and when we merge with that light we are one.
And we understand what we came here for.
so we shall return as having been co-creators with God in this life,
 we will  create a Robe of Light to wear
fashioned by God and  humans
for we were given the gift to touch the hem of the  robe
and now we can be adorned by the light of the one