Saturday, February 9, 2013

There’s more to each Life’s story
than can ever meet the eye.
Until the life is done
And you find out the reasons why.

Perhaps it was that this travel worn soul
 has been looking for some way
To guide you through the sands of time.
And leave you so many clues to find along the way.

And through all the days and nights
And time spent spinning this strange dream,
There is a thread of gold that weaves the images
that you need to believe.
And so often this dance of life was spent chasing after an elusive love,
Perhaps it’s because you were never able to feel
That you were worthy to have something you weren’t really part of.

The happiness that others might know, did not relate to you.
For once you’ve tasted the glory of God, it is so easy to be addicted
And want that and that only to be a part of.
For you’ve heard the music of the spheres
And have been touched by the angels Presence it’s true.
And you have bitten from the Fruit of Heavens Apple
And it tasted so more divine than you what you knew.

and each breath brings a new hope and a prayer,
And each prayer is for a miracle to allow more of God’s Magic to appear,
and each smile brings some recognition,
and each lesson comes from a hard fought battle here.

So you reach for that thread of gold,
There lifts you to the chamber of your soul.
And all the words that have been written,
And spoken in my time here,
May slip away with the sands of time,
And become just a breath of light, or an echo in the atmosphere.
And between all the journeys taken and the promises I gave,
There was always some dedication
To God and the blessings that he gave.

And if there is something lacking in how I am able to describe,
What the scribe gave to me to share with you,
I ask for some forgiveness, and a little understanding too,
Because I have found in my time here, one thing I know to be true,
There is so much more to each life story than you ever knew.