Sunday, February 10, 2013

Restore and Recharge and Renew

Right here, right now,
In this very moment,
let go of all stress, let all of your fears just melt away
Breath deep, and call in all the energy you need to use today.

Let it take you to the place where you are in Pure Joy
Let any dark clouds fade away
To this radiant moment of Bliss
That is there for you to claim

See the brightest Light of God
Come on through to you
A million radiant particles
Shine from heaven down and your renewed.

Let the spirit guide you
To that sacred place within
Be still and in the silence
Of God’s pure holy grace and be whole again.

Feel the blessings come to you
Feel the love at your hearts core
Let the light be restored in you
And be renewed and in command once more.

All the guardian angels
And the ones who protect you here
Surround you with a Holy Light
A light beyond compare.

And allow that light to cover you,
 to heal you here and now
 and ask for God’s Protection to surround you
and feel that power you allow.

And in this very moment
 right here in the presence you have allowed
You are filled with the Love of God’s perfect energy.
And you are restored, recharged and renewed
And you give thanks for the miracle healing you
 right here, right now