Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Live up
Live up to your soul’s destination
Live up to your true given name
Live up to your divine inheritance
And the reason for which you came

Live up to your many reasons
And the purpose which you came to claim
Live up to your divine inheritance
And the long line of those who remain

Stand before the Holy Spirit
And let it be with you
And take time on your sacred Journey
To share the love you find that’s true

Take a moment to go to the Silence
And  realize the gifts you were given to share
 that are meant to be passed on
that hold the reason your heart brought you here.

For there is an unbroken chain of light
That carries the energy on
And the time here is so precious
And there is so much more to be done

So stand up and find the way you can serve
Find a way to do what you can do
To fulfill your true destiny
And pass on the blessings given to you

Stand in the sacred silence
And let God’s Love fill you with light
And take the time to be attuned
to the Teachers who guide you day and night

stand up and greet the new day
and offer yourself to be
one who is alive in God’s perfect energy
here to fulfill your life’s destiny