Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The merging and re-emerging of worlds combine
As hands reach out to touch ,
 to meet and reach and join,
Across the universe through all space and time

 so to you is a helping hand is extended
As we connect with our life force on earth
With our energy of spirits merging and re-emerging
 in the spinning of the world’s evolution and rebirth

And the very threads of our frequency
Hold the power to carry our life
To ourselves, our very  soul,
that hold the fibers of our light

Merging and re-emerging
Travelling through time and space
Spirits in the many levels of being
Each feeding life to each separate yet one
Present for each mind to Interpret and hold,
to use and dispose of  and still live within each soul.
Energy in, energy out though all the lifetimes you find
The merging and re-emerging of the day and night.

And through all Creation of the universal Mind
With the merging of the constellations
And the universe beyond space and time
There is the union and love we all find

How much energy do you need to really survive
How much love can be there for you to revive  
to merge to re-emerge, to hold and let go           
to remember and recognize that which you are
and the lifeline to be and behold

And with the merging of the time and space
given to you to be alive with the holy grace
of God and the light of creation near and far
you reach out to give and receive  who you are