Thursday, January 10, 2013

God Use Me
Take what I have to offer
And use me for what you can
For I am but a way to speak
The words that describe the Great I Am

And I could prove the blessings
 all come from the heart of you
And I could show all that you gave me
Was such a gift of your sacred truth

Let the wisdom that I’ve learned
Be at work in what I do
Let the love you’ve offered me
Humble me as I seek to serve You

And as you’ve lifted me so high
Let me so lift the others you use
To let them see the beauty
And love inside of all you do

For I have seen your glory, Lord
And I have stood in your Holy Light
And I have seen the great Cathedrals
That were made to worship you as we might

But all the houses of the holy
Still fall short of the living Truth
And all the books that have been written
Just area shadows of the real you

And still we can only offer
Our service and what we can do
To share the Blessings of the Love
That live inside this work we do

Lord use me as your instrument
Let me be a lighthouse that shines so Bright  
and let me always be humbled
by the way you guide me to do what’s right

for there is so much more
to what I might know as my purpose here
and I can only see a partial view
of the truth you wish me to share
Let your pure love be at work in all I do
Take this life I offer and Use me to do your work here.