Friday, January 11, 2013

If all the Pain and suffering were released by you right now
And by the simple act of redemption you could just realize how
you could choose in this very moment the bliss and joy that’s true

and God’s pure energy of love was granted
 would you draw it inside of you
And could you choose to be that great happiness
that is offered now to you.

For between each flashing moment in time
In the light of lights that you may see
There is a portal beyond the reflections
 that hold a new reality.

And in the Heart of hearts you know
 that there’s a love for you
That will carry you ever on
As the burdens’ of each lifetime fade
and each life has come and gone

and there in a perfect moment
you could awaken and just be free
alive in the light of God’s creation
in a perfect moment that was meant for you to be

and there you are restored to your true identity
and all of the sorrow and pain you’ve known
are dissolved and you can awaken to a greater reality

to see beyond the mirror’s reflection
beyond the mask of your personality
to  recognize the what lies
 in the light of the Master’s eyes

can you feel the echoes of the waves of Light
and the happiness that is waiting for you
can you believe enough to have the strength
to let go of the Past and fine a way to get through

and if all the pain and suffering were released by you right now
could you hear the laughter of  cosmos
and find the gift of peace and Happiness that is waiting here

for this is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice
feel it filling your body, mind and soul feel it in you
in this moment and it will be all right.