Saturday, January 12, 2013

What if….

What if I were to become the blossoms of the One Flower of the World,
And I am intoxicated by the Bliss from the One that Breathes in
The Fragrance of  this gift given to the universe.

And with each breath of this being the spirit experiences
Each dream this flower was,
Which is now is the essence of the Presence
Formless yet remembering its roots in form

Ahh, the sweet, sweet dreams held by creation
Grown by the light God’s inspiration
Given the freedom to exist and experience this blessing
Of being Love in expression.

What if,
we are the one Light that is the spark in the Mind of God,
and we are the Love that holds the blossoms as they fall to earth
With a reason for being in form
so that we may see the love of Creation
that is in you and me, as you and me and the Flower
from which we were born.

What if,
 in understanding we are merged
and in merging we are united as One

One Flower,      One Fragrance,
One Light and One Love.
One God and One humanity
And as the flower grows and is here and gone
So we are given a memory

To remember the magic of the Power of Love
And the Light of God’s pure energy
Alive in the Divine Dance of the Song of Creation
In the blossoming of a flower,
Seen, by the light of being, experienced as life
With the presence of being and becoming
til we merge as the Love of the One