Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Every blessed moment Of Creation that I am here with you,
brings a living Journal of Life,
That weaves its threads to reveal to me some truth.

Every blessed ray of Life ,
that rains down from the Golden sky,
Entrances me enough to continue on,
Just a little further to find the reasons Why.

And you can lift me up,
To ride the waves of Time,
And can bring me ecstasy
That transcends the realm of humankind.

You weave such a spell on me
And then leave me there to try,
To define the indefinable
And then only laugh at how I try and try.

To chase after rainbows,
To run after light,
To drink from the rainfall from the heavens,
And then hide from darkness of the night.

In a never ending chase and dance,
Of the strange reflections that I’m shown,
Is it Just some particles of cosmic dust,
Or is it the ashes from the One?

Is there some way to recall the Dreamer
Or are You the dream I dreamt so long ago,
Some shimmer of the soul’s bright laughter
In the spinning of the hearts inner call.

And as I visit the places that you lived Once upon a time it’s told,
Will I remember that part of you that still holds my very soul.
For there is some distant echo, of what you once gave to me.
A love that was everlasting and still could set me free.
To leave the ship of dreams, and fill in all the blanks,
And the spaces that define me in this crazy dance of life.

I  feel the accompaniment of the angels, that I call on from time to time,
And they watch as I spin out of control, and journey through all time,
To find a way to celebrate what brings us here to be
In the land I really long for beyond all of these dreamers dreams.
And how do I find a way to describe the temporality I find,
that calls us to be here in life, just a visitor on this planet
living here in space and time.