Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who is that I’m talking to,
Is it me, or is it you.
Or are we joined together here
In some luscious energy  pool.
I know that there are answers
that are waiting for me to find,
In the lessons of this living out
The path I came to find

Who is it that I’m talking to,
When it’s hard for me to Know
Without all of the pieces of the Divine Puzzle
That are not given to me to hold.

Am I the Lover waiting to be taken
To the Master who speaks eternal Vows of Love,
Or am I the one who reports back the way
We live here and then have to let it all go.

Who is it I’m talking to,
Is it the messenger I find
The one who comes to me is just an angel who with you abides,
And If I ask the angel, Who is it that sent you Here?
Would the answer to my question
Reveal to me what I want to hear.

Who holds the answers that we search for,
As we live here in this dream.
Who asks us to reveal
The dreamer of the dream.

Every detail of creation
Gives to us some clues
And the Presence of the spirit world
Always finds a way to be with you.
And who directs the purpose we find
as we return to discover  the reasons we are here
in this moment in space and time even though it may not be clear.
Perhaps what I ask of you is really what you ask of me,
And If I accept the life I’ve been given
I’d find a far greater Reality.
Or maybe what I’m asking is not an answer I can find,
And so it leads me ever onward to accept
what’s beyond the grasp of my mind.
And so I see a Million images
And write down the countless words that come to me,
And there in every precious moment
is found some answer smiling back at me.