Thursday, February 21, 2013

Coming to Terms

Sometimes it seems so much of life
Is about just finding a way
To come to terms with what I am
And how it is I express it everyday.

So many years in Paradise,
So many lifetimes on this earthly plane,
So many loves, so many losses,
And Yes, I have played oh so many Games.

And all the time I’ve spent,
Is not a currency I can exchange,
For I’m still dealing with what matters most to me,
And if I have the courage to find a way.
To deal with what I’ve created,
And to create the frictions that starts a fire
To burn away the illusions
In some great ceremonial funeral pyre .

And then I’d watch the mind let go,
Of its hold on how to define,
The life that lives forever In spirit
and still wants what it wants with endless desires.

And dare I trust my heart enough
 to Surrender to what it needs?
to love without the terms outlined
by this life and others reality.

A love that knows how to trust myself
And what I need to get by,
To find a way to negotiate for a better deal
When I don’t feel worthy enough to try.

So who can represent the truth
And the purpose we need to find,
To play our roles and say our lines,
And to truly speak from the heart and try to define,
this life and what brought us to this place
as agents of God and  still be human,
and how to come to terms with it all
without compromising who I am.