Friday, February 22, 2013


I accept myself and all of who I am,
And I accept my every weakness and strength
And I accept the past that brought me here
Through all of life’s mistake I made.
And as I accept my self and all of who I am,
I find a love that understands and allows
All of  this life to be, to become  and Be
To make mistakes, to learn, to take risks and grow,
And still to love throughout it and know
A love that accepts who I am
 because in our heart of hearts is the love of the soul

in this life we have a chance to
Embrace that love that in each we see.
And as we accept our selves
And the way we work as humans
We can really allow ourselves to be.

And with each direct experience
The soul comes shining through
And the power of God is Present
As the love in me and you.

A love that accepts,
A love that believes
And a love that accepts all of you.
A love that is part of the eternal light
That guides us and sees us through.

And so we see our weaknesses
And so we see what we need to do,
And when we learn acceptance
We can be free to Love ourselves and others too.

So here in this very moment
I accept all that I am,
The Good, the Bad and that Human part
That is here, alive and so it is  that I can,
Accept the Love that is Present,
In every living thing
As God and a pure light
And perfect energy.