Sunday, February 24, 2013

If thy Eye could really be Single
Could you see the Eye of God in man
And seeing this source of all creation
Could you then see as God can?

Could you look through the Pin Hole of Creation
And look at the Kaleidoscope of life
And see all the myriad  colors
the beautiful forms that  reflect the light.

If you were to focus on the One,
And then Merge with the Whole of humankind
would you get lost in the world’s illusions
Where there is so much to know and find.

Or could you seek to see as God Sees
As the One within each Soul Eye’s,
And let the Eye be single
So you could learn to grow and not be blind.

For from the Universal Mind of Creation
Is there a way to see and be seen
To seek, to find, to Understand
The Plan behind the Master Scheme.

We can see this reflection here,
In a precious dewdrop of life,
That rests upon a petal so precious
That is the one flower Held up to the light.

The Light that is alive in you and me
Is what allows us to see and be seen
As a gift offered with love from heaven
That leads us to open the door of Perception
and find a way to see
 with the Eye of God that is single
and sees what it is we Seek

So seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven
and find then you might find out why.
God’s eye sees what’s in our heart of hearts,
And we can find that One Love if we try.

Where is your true focus in life,
Where does the compass of your soul lead you to find
Can you see with the Eye that is single
God’s Love that is alive in the heart of humankind.