Monday, February 25, 2013

Where does your power lie?

Where your Love lies
There your heart will follow,
And when you follow your hearts true path
There lies your greatest Power.

The Power to Overcome the Fear,
To power to become the living love right here,
the love just waiting there for you.
From long ago when this love was new.

The power to give and receive
To live as you believe
For as you believe in your heart
So it is and it is so it’s true.

The power to serve the One Power in what you do,
And on the path are some Seeking , some needing
Some looking for love and not seeing.
Where the love you seek does lie.

For there is the power that holds the Key.
The answer just waiting to be discovered in you and me,
And sold and resold to so many as something you can buy,
and all you get is the package
that leads you to what is given to you for free.

For where your love lies
Can’t be something that is bought and sold
For the treasure that this love is
Is far more powerful than Gold.

The question of the power you seek
Is held within your Soul
A gift that comes from Spirit
With the Breath behind the Energy that knows.

You can use this gift as you may choose
But use it with reverence and respect, so carefully
So you may illuminate the light you use
And use it to guide others on the path to Me.

Where does your power truly lie
And how can you use it successfully
To serve God and man and the Great I am
And to live on the path and serve with God’s love in this life
There your power lies.