Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How would clothe your soul that you have?
What robe of Feathers, silks or Gold
Can dress the vibrant Spirit of man
For the spirit has no limits that you can wear
For this invisible breath of  Energy is all pervasive
And when you call from your heart
You feel it  and know it is here.

How would you build a structure that is a temple
To house the eternal flame,
When the flame will outlast any building
That is created even in God’s name

Would you dress the soul in words
To describe it’s perfect light?
Would you take a photograph
Of a rainbow or a Glorious sunset before the night,
and name it as a reflection of God’s art if you might.

How would you capture your soul
When you know this power lasts beyond this life
For the flames of your soul last beyond this temporary time you have here
To last through all of eternity with so many bodies to wear.

And yet here you are seeking
To capture some way to describe
What really is indescribable
no matter how hard you try.

Inspiration comes in so many reflections of life here
Some try to write about it,
Some paint it, some give it a name.
Some write symphonies, 
And there are even bumper stickers  to remind you
How to play this life game.

But here in this moment you are given in life
Your body is the housing, a temple for this light.
and if you look deep into someone’s eyes
you can see the soul right there
just waiting for you to find it right here