Wednesday, February 27, 2013

With a breath of the passion of Magdelena,
And the compassion of the Holy Mother, too.
With the Courage to face the Father and Mother
As the Lord in Heaven taught us to do.

There with the Legion of Angels,
That work to aid us every day,
Each with such love and understanding
As they guide us ever on our way.

And yes, there is the Lord Of Light
Who is Present in the Power of Love it’s true
That very presence we’ve been given
to use in what we must do.

Can you Face the Creator’s Face
And try to comprehend this Love if you can
Can you say Yes, to the Love that is behind it all
And embrace the Master Plan

And the Light of God does shine forth
Into that point of light in Man,
And it Allows this precious love of Creation
To Fill us with the Courage to believe
In ourselves enough to love our fellow man.

For there is the Presence of Spirit here
At work in us it’s true,
And with that power we are given the hope
That we can do what we need to do
And somehow it will get us through.

And oh those precious jewels we’ve been given
From the gifts of Heaven that we have glimpsed here,
so easy to want to hold on to
even though we know we are meant to share.

And even when we can’t see
and we are lost there in the darkest night,
this powerful Light will guide us
with the Amazing Grace we are given
this gift of God’s Great love in our life.
So with a Breath of Life’s passion
We bow as we worship the one
and the lord in heaven smiles at us
and we are given the strength to carry on.