Thursday, February 28, 2013

Entranced by the Mystery
Seduced by this strange magic’s Light,
Living for each Revelation
Of the sirens promise of the desires delight.

We are carried across the River of Life
For we have been here and done that dream,
And a distant shore that calls us
beyond this place with a vision of a promise to keep.

And we can soon discover truths
And we can travel to the dreamer dream,
And we can fly away so far,
On the back of Pegasus we feel so free.

And so we travel ever onwards
Til we must one day come home
Because we are awakened now
And we find the dream was just our own.

Have you ever found the view you see
As you begin your travels down the road,
Looks very different as you come back home again
It’s a different perspective you behold.

And when you wake up after your trip
To the old familiar song you know
You find it’s the bluebird of happiness
For this place you are has a certain Peace to hold.

Yet the bluebird can not be captured,
And this precious bird you love cannot be caged,
And we can not tie down our souls,
For one day soon we will fly from this place.

Is it true that our home is where our heart is?
And is that heart at home wherever we are
Or is there a place that resonates in space
That calls you to love this space as you loved it from afar.

We can find so many secrets as the mystery of life unfolds
And when the secrets are revealed to us
Are we happy to just be at home, or must we then move ever on.

How sweet the song of the bluebird, after the long journey’s climb
So sweet the Mysteries we’ve discovered in the hearts true song.
And there is a certain smile, that all this travelling brings,
It’s the wisdom and lessons learned that bring us to appreciate
that right here where we are  is  where we wish to be.