Wednesday, February 13, 2013



What does it take to stand naked
On the stage of life without any security
And release those who build a wall around you
              For they decide your fate, when you wish to be free.
And you let the world do what it will
And still you choose to be
And able to see who you are without the Mask
That covers our true identity.
To have an open mind,
To offer up your heart,
To see the light of the cosmos
Dancing to the music you create and impart,

And if at some point you see no point
Is it then possible to just allow
The miracle of this existence to unfold
With a need to protect, Without seeking to control,
Just whatever it takes to know what’s unknown.

And How Vulnerable must you really be
To not care and so let go,
Until the wave of life carries you
And you find that you have a new goal

Without a mask to hide
the face of God that you might see
Who you are before you began
And how far you traveled to be revealed.

And when you stand there naked
Awakened on life’s distant shore
You find there was a faith that carried you
So you could receive the gifts of love.
              and be given so much more.

no matter that the world does crucify
the messengers that would set them free.
For  even when we believe we find
 that there is certain things we need to be.
Til we here a legend that is told or a tale of some traveler who found a way
To trust in God enough to be vulnerable
 and arrive at the final exit and the entranceway.