Monday, March 18, 2013

What is this presence of Spirit
that can always hear the soul’s call.
who is the one that listens
and says yes to that energy
that brought you here so might recall,
 what is it that will lead you On?
What is this source of energy that feeds all your needs?
What is it here that you know
that answers your hearts dreams.

Can you see that God is Present
And that light that shines as a beacon
That will be held by you.
Can you accept this presence of spirit
That has promised to lead you on til you do.
And that love that you have in your heart of hearts,
Can you trust it enough to see you through
So you may trust in your self enough
That others can trust in you.

And when you come to that point,
And that precious moment in time
When you stand before the teacher
Who reaches out to lend a hand.

Can you bow deep before this presence,
And then reach out your hand,
Can you see the God in others
and you let God be present in you?
Can you understand the truth
That God is behind all you do?

For you are the light in the beacon,
And you are the heart in which love can live.
You are the teacher and student,t
The one who hears the calling
and says yes to whatever you have to give.
And so we learn to surrender to this vow ,
And what it is we came here for.
For once there was a promise that was made in love
And deep within you know that you’ll find,
I will be with you always, until the end of time.