Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Through the countless moments of life,
Through the thousands of words that were said,
Though the times spent in the silence,
And the answers you were given to spread.

Through all the infinite expressions of light
And the turning of the prayers wheels,
The teacher of teachers was present
The one who shares the real deal.

The Dreamer of the Dream of Life,
The singer of the hearts’ song
Will come in the darkest night
And help you to sing along.

For there is a precious gift
 offered when you are in need
Life has so much love waiting for you
if you can but believe.

So if you’re feeling a little weary,
From the time spent on the road
allow a little space in your heart to open
To what is there waiting in your soul.

The teacher of teachers is waiting
The spark within the light
The one that can open the door for you
And guide you on the way through the darkest night.

And if you can believe in me as I believe in you.
There are so many blessings
Just waiting there inside
And it will see you through.

So let go of all those doubts
that may haunt the ghost in you,
forgive and be forgiven
for all you had to do.

And in this very moment, stop what has been stopping you,
From being with the Love that is present,
And the blessings just waiting  in life there for you.