Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Breath of Joy comes with the heart’s meeting
Breath upon endless breath sweet Love comes
breaking through to Spring
As the laugh of  hope through you sings.

Is this the song of Spring,
Is the time that reveals the reasons
That you awaken each day to pass time
Finally able to be seen.

Can your heart know the joy
That is born through the realms of light
To be here and inhabit your time
And the proof that your awakening can bring.

Is this the completion of your sentence,
Or the beginning of your prayer?
Is there a secret promise given
In just the hope that you are finally here.

Can the universe be spoken of
With words that hold the clues,
Of this journey that you spent a lifetime making
To just return this time  once more to you.

And can these morsels of truth feed the masses,
Like the loafs of bread you gave,
To the ones who came to join you then
On the mountain top as you spoke of the Way.

For there is a hunger in the world
and so many have come to feed the sheep,
and the gathering grows and prays
for the world to find the love they so need today.

and life welcomes this new day of spring
and the breath of joy it brings.
may the light that’s in the Source of all things
Bring the love that is revealed in the heart of everything.