Thursday, March 21, 2013

Throwing out the hat in the ring

If I were to come to that Place
Where I had to stand up and state my case.
And I was given the opportunity to meet you face to face.
Could I really hope, that you might really believe,
And could I somehow know what it was that you had seen in me.

Would I have to be so charming,
Or so clever that you were engaged,
Could you see the truth in there hiding,
Between the words written in every page.
Or is my heart so hidden, with all the clutter I have placed there,
That there were too many shadows covering up, all of my secret fears.

If I were to just step forward,
And ask God for the strength to explain,
Who I am underneath this hat that I’ve so carefully placed,
To cover my secrets and my true age.
And what is that was really revealed when I ask to be saved.
What is there left to lose in this life
When I given most of it away.

And by just finding this strange process of being
That I’ve chosen out to seek,
What ever I bring to the table of life
 is what I have chosen to feed me.

And so I call on my Guardian Angels,
And I ask for the Masters to stand behind me,
And I throw my hat in the ring of life
And pray that you’ll see what you need to see.
And deep within my many closets,
Is there enough costumes I’ve worn to have a museum display,
But I can’t seem to find my soul in there.
For it’s in a very safe place that I once hid it to be saved.

But sure, I’ll put my life out there, for those who wish to see,
And I’ll throw my hat into the ring,
And put a scarecrow there to watch over me.
And if I have what you might need
to feed some hunger there in you,
Pick up that hat and wear it
And feel free to toss it back in the ring,
when that bell of life tolls for you.