Friday, March 22, 2013

Sweet teachings of the Road

When on the road of life you are a pilgrim,
It’s good to remember why you began
The journey is the pilgrimage,
And that there are teachings beyond what you planned.

How much can you really carry
On that backpack that you hold?
How much baggage needs to be shed
So you can just live and let go.

Sweet teachings of this Journey,
Holy masters of the light,
Can you save all sentient beings
And still find a way to have a life.

Can you occupy your time with spirit
And not blame others for your plight.
Can you record your secret hopes and dreams,
And then just see watch with delight.

And if you gave your heart and soul
To the beggars at the door,
Could you enter the temple
And still afford to pay what you came here for.

Sweet teachings of the Journey,
Sweet pilgrims of the way,
 This long road of life
Brings so many lessons everyday.

And if you show me yours I’ll show you mine,
and then we are naked with nothing to hide.
When the time comes to move on.
What will you take from this pilgrimage
and remember what you learned from.

Sweet Teacher and bold student,
Shine with God’s radiant light
May all those that you meet along the way
Bless you when it’s time to leave.
And what did you learn, and how did you change
And what advice can you give us today?
All those sweet teachings of this road
 and that ever changing Pilgrims way.