Sunday, March 24, 2013

How do you pass along the knowing of the great unknown?
What secrets can be revealed
For you to believe enough to trust in God
when all your strength is gone.

Can you finish what you started,  oh so long ago?
When you saw the plan,
and agreed to take this path
that you still follow and travel on.

Do you even remember the promise
And the vows to God you once made?
Can you see the glimpses of the Glory
That were given in God’s name?

And can you find a way to celebrate
The progress that you made,
And can joy be found in the beauty of the world
And can you find the power to really  believe.

Every light in the darkness
Is a guiding force and brings to you
The reflection of the light of God
That lives in all that ‘s true.

And when a storm approaches
And when the clouds move in,
Can the rebirth that was promised you,
Come to save you once again.

Save a little love in your heart, save a star to wish upon,
Call on your heart to believe again,
And take a deep breath of life
To give you all you need to carry on.

For though it seems you are alone,
There’s all the angels watching over you,
When you call upon the power of God
His love and blessings will comfort you.
So say a little prayer to help you get on through,
For even in the darkness God’s light can shine so true.
And the blessings and the miracles will catch you if you fall
So have a little faith, my friend and if you’re in need just call.