Monday, March 25, 2013

When you reach for the Golden Ring
That is just out of reach with each try,
And still and you try as you circle round
On the Merry Go Round of life til you’ve found.

That this life is an endless circle,
Of choices that you do and don’t make,
Til you grab that golden ring and get it,
And you’re finally free and able to face,
All of the circles you created
 to just get this time and place.
And you see the realms of Light that circle
And surround you with the decisions you’ve made.
As the Merry Go Round has spun you
With so many ups and downs all in one place.

And that song it played over and over
That you know by heart it’s ringing sound.
This circle of life and death
With no beginning and no end you’ve found.

And that Golden Ring you grab for
When you are finally able to stop and pretend.
You are finally free of this life
 and the time you spent  til it ends.

 you have the golden ring to wear
when you are ready to finally decide.
And you’re grateful for all the circles
And the ticket you had to ride.

And you hum the song your heart sang
That was the theme of your life and time.
And there always comes a moment
When you are ready to grab that ring of Gold.
And when you finally have it
Your story can be told.

And you will always be so grateful
For the merry-go-round and the ride
and for what learned from the circle of life
 but if the truth be told you no longer need that ring
 so you toss it back and go.