Saturday, March 2, 2013

Life is the Palette from which you paint the words of your heart.
These messages that hold the infinite sparks
of the creative process at work here,
In the masters gift of inspiration he imparts.

It’s the expression that tastes the colors you wear.
Ever translating the power of this creation that cares.
And there within each word is heard the soul call
 seeking expression of this endless imperfection
 of the minds secret perceptions that slip out of it all.

Do you dare to reach the deepest part of the truth of who you are?
Not telling, not teaching, not judging, not preaching.
Just being and living and seeing the spirit
 clothed in the mists of what is calling you to reach it.

From the black and white abstractions
 to the secret places of love’s great distractions.
And all of the ways it plays out to be
Alive in the endless energy with which it’s revealed.

All of this life’s art is the dream
of an energy alive in the atoms
smashed, exploding and just part of the unfolding
of life and the mystery that is so extreme.

How can it capture the imagination of life’s revelations
And maybe, just maybe some truth is hidden here
 in the threads of all of spirits translation
that reaches you out there as you search just to be.

Some part of the light that is a reflection of the soul,
For the one who is given this mirror to hold.
Praying that it not too much to be told,
And there is just enough magic for you to show.

And time keeps slipping away as life happens to you,
And the clues reveal what you now must do,
And this spirit is so outgrowing the dream
With the body that now wants so much to be free.

Just begging for the soul to break on through,
To the spirit that’s counting on God’s energy to renew.
The picture that is created with the words of this life’s art,
Always longing for Love to paint with this living palette of the heart.