Sunday, March 3, 2013

As you Believe

As you believe in your Heart of Hearts
So you are
And thus your soul can occupy Your Heart
If you believe in who you really are as Love

And this love brings the Light of Who you are
to Shine down upon you
and lift you to the innermost sanctuary
where the eternal Flame of your spirit lives.

As you believe in your Soul
That you can embody and occupy
This Love in your hearts of hearts
So that love can live in the Holy Spirit
That is alive in your soul.

And there in your soul is the Spirit of God’s Eternal Light,
Together the Heart and Soul are merged
As you believe in the holy union
And accept the Light and Love
Alive in you as Spirit and Form

And all of this infinite Love and Light
Can not be contained in one body,
 in one Mind,
In One heart
In one Lifetime.

So just as the master surrendered
His Light and Love to God and Man
So you can surrender your self
 and all of  who you are
and so share this radiant Light and Love to all
and so be transformed and redeemed
and made whole in the universal Light and Love.
Present in the God and the Universe
And be reborn to eternal life.

If you Just Believe