Monday, March 4, 2013

Can you see the beauty of your life at work in You
Can you feel the love that all your life has carried you through.
All of these life experiences that you came to know
Now just memories in old photographs you show.

Can you be at peace at last
And find the center of the power
 that is in the spirit’s shadow you cast
and you always let it come through to you.

Through all the long the Journey
That led back to home to you
There was always some presence
That you always have known that was true.

And in that presence of Spirit that abounds
You could  heal the wounds and fear
that time brought round and long shadowed you
 til the light of your soul you found.

Can you just let go of the attachments you made
That held you back to the past in so many ways.
And can you now let the Faith that you have
Reach out to you and carry you today.

For you’ve paid all your dues
And you fulfilled you destiny
And it’s alright now to finally be free

Yes, you finally have made it last
The karma is done
And you’re free from the past..

Can you now see the Beauty in your life that you know
For in this beauty it’s your Spirit that shows.