Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This dancing dream of Energy
That merges here in time and space.
This power of light reflected on Earth
Here in this sacred place.

This pure life force and that we are given
To live with while still in form,
All the precious elements
To which we are here born.

Each with some identity,
Each unique in personality,
Each a dream within this Reality,
With an infinite flow of possibilities.
Alive here in You and me

Merged to live together In God’s Creation,
That gives us life and set us free,
All in the dancing dream
Here in this time and space.

And we bow in humble gratitude
To what has brought us here
And how this energy has allowed us
to live with what we’re given and to share.

And sometimes if we give it a chance
We see just how blessed we are,
And some key is given,
Some message in living,
A connection made when we’re forgiven,
And a Moment comes when Spirit reach us
and redeems us with God’s Love.

Bless the Holy Spirit,
Bless the Sacred Dove,
Bless the way we live together here,
God bless us with your Precious Love.