Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I hear the call of awakening
at the breaking of  a new day,
A song that pulls at my heart strings
To give me the courage on the way

For a true song from the heart,
 has a resonance in what we are
with a power that holds the door open
to a  greater reality seen from afar

From the towers at the gates
Of the kingdom that lies within
I am empowered to Listen to the grace
Of the calling of the Lord messengers that sing.

A call to prayer, that sounds out
To the ones sleeping at the door
A call to come awaken to the light
From the spirit that echoes forth.

And there is call that comes from the heart,
That rings so very true
Just as the Bells of the Churches sound
to remind you to listen to what’s inside of you.

The spirit finds so many ways
 to hear your hearts true song
The song that brings a wonder forth
And opens a door to the power of love’s command

Blessed morning take me forth,
Blessed Light so bright 
Repeat the call and the joy of finding
 what I seek that will lead me to the light.

And perhaps it is an angel
 Masquerading as the song within your soul
A tune that you once recognized
That brought you back to the lord you love and know.

For there is a certain joy that comes
At the rising of the dawn
And there is a heart that listens
And that opens up to hear God’s song.