Thursday, March 7, 2013

At the core of your Being
The seed of Light does grow.
And there in the source it feeds
Your innermost heart and soul.

And this light knows your purpose,
This light is your secret guide.
It is part of the Christ’s Light
In who’s perfect love abides.

It is timeless and eternal,
Alive there in your soul.
So clear and so perfect
That it feeds all you need to know.

Plant this seed of Light and love
Deep in the core of the land.
Let it connect the God in you
To the Heart of all humans.

And as you hold a lantern out
as a beacon it will shine
As you follow that light within
It’s truth will free your mind.

Let God feed that life force,
Let God Guide you on your way,
And may you be blessed as you follow
That path of light and love each day.