Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fly Away

Geese Call as the fly away at the breaking of the Dawn
Laughing and Crying we say goodbye
When we find the wings of Morning to carry us on.

Where do we Go
When are time on earth is done?
Perhaps right back to the very place
that  we started from.

Pour the Blessed Waters of Time
Over my bowed head
Let all that has been and Gone
Fly away back to where it had begun.

With a moment of Acceptance
You can allow yourself to be
The love you found in this life
Pour as blessed waters over me.

There is a great compassion found
When you understand who you really are.
And you can forgive all the others
For searching so hard to get more.

And with the accepting found within
Deep at the core where the soul starts,
You know that love is working here
To help you go the distance, to now impart

And the geese call as they fly away
On the glistening wings of the morn
Where do we really go and what do we say
 when are time here  is done.

 Blessed acceptance reaches me so that I may know
 a rock that is a memorial
that where once I lived and loved
before it was my time to go.

There is no beginning , there is no end
On this journey that we are on,
From life to Death to immortality
Our destiny is finally done.
And what we are in our heart and soul
Remains evermore though this form is gone.
Flying with the wings of morning into the great beyond.