Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Can you Hear the Dialogue of Life

Can you hear the sound of this life?
Can you hear the heartbeat of Humanity,
And the ever present Breath of Beingness?

What is the dialogue of the Soul
As it seeks expression through you,
With the spoken and unspoken words
Of teachers, of masters, giving their wisdom,
Sharing gifts of light,
Sharing the love translated by life,
As you try to capture a moment in time.

The experience of this journey backward,
To move to some understanding of this soul
As it speaks to you and through you,
To the sound of the ever present heartbeat
Of the truth of life.

A smile, a nod, a look,
That says yes to this deep breath in time and space.
And yes, to this soul speaking to you.

Can you hear the dialogue of this Life,
Observed and served,
Lived and loved,
Spoken and unspoken?

Words that draw some shadow of an outline
That is here and gone,
Captured and freed,
All in the heartbeat of humanity.

And the breath of being
This Life, this love, this expression of light
As it is, as it was dreamed and reflected
In the ever present heartbeat of humanity.