Wednesday, March 13, 2013

God's Greatest Gift

God’s Greatest Gift

Imagine yourself in the presence
Of the one Source of all light.
Feel the presence of the Holy Spirit
Here with you right now.
Allow yourself to receive the power of this presence
In you, through you, with you, enlightening you
In this very moment.

Now realize that this light is alive in all of life
And is alive in everyone.
You are one with it, for you are the living light of God.
And in this light you are one with all life and one with God.

Breathe in this light,
Be this light, Accept it, Receive it, Believe it.
Speak it.
I am the living Light of God’s Love.

Now open your heart to the Love
That is present in this infinite Light.
The Love that is at the Heart of God
And is waiting for you in your heart.           

Open your heart to this Love that you are.
Allow your self to feel it, receive it , Be it and Believe it.
Say I am the living Light of God’s infinite Love.

How would you share this great Gift from God?
How would you give this Light and Love to the world?
To your loved ones, to yourself, to the World?
How would you use this love and light in your life?
How would God use you to share this light and love?

Say I am the Living Light and Love of God,
I ask to God to use me so I may fulfill my life’s purpose

And I thank God for this Precious Gift of Love and Light.