Thursday, March 14, 2013

What would it feel like to just let it all go?
What would it be like to release all control?
What if you were to surrender your soul
 to the Power of God’s Love
so that you could know what you don’t know.
And just be alright.

Let Go of the Boundaries that you imposed on your soul.
Let go of the fear of being exposed by mankind.
Let go of all the limitations that hold and bind,
Let Go, Let Go and let God take control.

There is a power in the presence you’ll find,
When you trust yourself enough
To leave the reasons and rationalizations behind.
 For there is more to this life than can easily be defined.

Let go of the words you seek to capture this time,
Let go of the secrets you thought you could hold.
Let go and be present in this very moment in time,
And let the Feeling of Love Open you heart and mind.

There is a shimmering dance with the light
An exchange that is given that understands it’s alright.
To let you’re heart be guiding what you choose to do,
So God may play a leading role in your life.

What do you need to set the power of Love free?
What allows you to really believe and receive?
For there is this blessed gift of God’s great Grace,
That can lead you and guide you through this earthly space.

Who you are that is just waiting to Be?
When you Let God and Let God’s Love
Bring you what you need to be free.