Friday, March 15, 2013

There is a Chalice of Gold,
It is the holy chalice that you have been seeking to hold.
Believe that now you are worthy to reach for that Chalice
And raise it up to the source of all Light
 and ask for that Chalice be filled with the Holy Spirit of the Lord.

Lord, Light of all Lights,
Fill this chalice with your sacred energy.
Let the infinite power of Your holy spirit be present
And alive in this your living light.

Let the Rays of radiant Light Pour forth to my soul.
Let my heart, mind and soul be open to receive this your Light
Into every part of my being.
Let it Heal and transform all of  this my form
So that I might  be renewed
By your blessings of this your light into my very Being.
And as the Chalice pours forth over me,
I am bathed in the perfect energy of your Holy Spirit
I am cleansed and baptized by Your light.

And my heart opens to the great power
of the compassionate Love that you bless me with.
I hold up the chalice to your light so that I might share that light
With any who might need it.
I let the Spirit of Peace and Understanding pour forth over the world,
I see the Light filling all the Chalices that are held up to your Light
And all the chalices then pour their light over the World.
Bringing the power of Peace and Understanding to those in need.

Lord, let me be the Living Chalice of your Light and Love.
Let me be able to believe in the power of your light and love
That is at work in the world.
Let my life reflect your great love by being a pure channel for your Spirit.
I give great thanks for your unlimited blessings that come when I am open to receive
The Gifts you offer to all who ask and believe
that we are the Living Light of God’s radiant Love.