Saturday, March 16, 2013

Only Love Remains

Let Love Be your Weapon of Choice,
Let Love be the stand you take,
Let love be the Source of your Protection
to provide you with a saving Grace.

Let Love be there to Guide you
To the innermost Part of your Heart.
So you can see the way to forgive
what has hurt and torn you apart.

For when you get past the defenses,
That you have put up to protect your true face.
And when your heart is open,
It is only Love that remains.

Can you remember that time of Innocence,
That was there when trusted your heart?
Can you believe this is your saving Grace,
When Love comes to and plays this part.

It is Only Love that can reach you,
And it is love that your searching for,
And it is love that you’ve been hiding from,
And yes, it is love that is knocking at your door.

So once again when Spring comes,
and you drop the limitations you put into Place.
Can you catch the petals from heaven,
And can the light of hope lead you to a holy space.

And can you just stop for a moment
And imagine that God is here,
Can you see the Love that is present,
When you reach Deep into your heart it will appear.

For when you come to that opening,
When all of the past is clear,
And you find yourself truly present
And a smile of who you are shines there .

and you look at what was most important,
in this lifetime that you recall,
you may find in your heart of hearts,
that Love was the motivating force behind it all.
And what a gift we’re given in God’s holy name,
And we discover the truth of this reason,
and it is only love that remains.