Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And so we reach so deep
We reach from our pain,
we reach from our understanding and forgiveness,
from our lives that have brought us here.

We reach from the depths of who we are
To that part of us who hears this moments call.
And in the absolute we welcome spirit,
And the invisible wings that we must trust
To carry us to say Yes. That is part of us.

And then we hear the echoes of the call
With these words that we try to mold
 to fit around this spirit’s heart and soul.

And as we try to hold this precious moment
As a momento to eternity
We find we must use it
as our ticket to be free.

What part of you knows that need
What part of you hears that call
What part of you is one
with that who is call.

Understanding this, as the redemption           
That speaks with the traces of the comets tail
That is only our reaching across the universe
To God, the source and maker
Who asks to use us to explain it all.

And our live bows deep, so deep
that we see ourselves as the One.
This Life has given enough love to
speak of that  path we travel through it all
the priceless name that is our soul,
 yours and mine meeting without fear
reaching out to each other now
after all that living  led us here.