Sunday, March 31, 2013

To Be Born Again

To take the foundation of this live of lessons
And birth it to the light
 with a Spirit Powered by Love.
And what calls us to say yes to life.

The Father, the Mother, the Son
And the Birth of eternal one.
The Holy Ghost comes with this blessed energy
Filling our heart and soul with a sweet love to set us free

And in the birth a breath of everlasting life.
A promise of forgiveness
if we can just forgive
And let this past pain be done.

Can we understand the Hallelujah
The praise of strength the hope to be saved
the seeing of the Lord our God
In Yahwah this Easter day.

And when we say the name
And when we celebrate today
We find a Hallelujah is a birthday card
For we are born again in light this day.