Saturday, March 30, 2013

Roll Away the Stone
Remove the elements that block your light
Let the Joy that from the heart of God’s Love
That shines from the soul so bright.

And who is it that would choose to be free
From the darkness that has blocked your way?
What is it that now has the power
 Lead you to the light so you can truly see.

Roll away the stone.
That has held you captive all these years
For you have come down from the cross
And it’s time to remove the limitations and fear.

Roll away the stone
Let the pain be healed
Let the power of love release you
So you can believe what’s good in you and me.

For the light that is the Christ
Is born again on this Easter morn,
And you can choose the path
That resurrects you to be reborn.

This is the gift of the seasons of time
and the gift that God’s great love can bring
This is the promise given at Spring
And this is the hope of all living things.

Roll away the stone
Let joy be the alive in your heart
Let the everlasting love be alive
as it leads you to eternal light.