Sunday, April 14, 2013

As I prayed for Peace this morning, these kind words came to me,
“All in Good Time, my dear,” and I heard behind my filter that translates
the way these words come to me, “All in God’s Time.” I realized that there are so many battles for power that we see so consistently in life. Power struggles in relationships which happen so frequently, when it is thought it can be decided who’s way will it come out to be.
Struggles for power in the world when countries and people seek to change the way things have been.  For the heart of all people seek to be free.
Struggles for justice when those who have been wronged finally say enough of this it’s time for the right way to begin to find a way to be.
So here is my small prayer for God to grant us peace, all in Good Time, when the power comes from God and Love not those who seek to control the world for their little needs.

All in Good Time my friend, all in God’s Time, my dear,
The struggle for power will cease,
and we will be lifted to the One,
And have understanding and love so Peace can come.

Can we even Imagine a world
 with no more fighting for control,
A world without hatred and fear,
A place where egos don’t need to dominate others so.

All in Good Time my dear,
All in Good time it will appear,
For there is still so much learning still to do
Til we can find our way there.

A world that lives with all its’ people
Working together on this planet,
A world living in Peace and Harmony
Where God’s Love brings us together as One.

We all wonder if we can find that purpose that we came for,
And we hop it’s possible to make it happen here.
For in heaven we knew this dream was true
And if we could believe enough that others could too.

All in Good time we will get there
For there are so many who now pray for peace
with Spirit’s love and guidance it can happen here
All in Good time, my dear, all in God’s time.