Saturday, April 13, 2013

Don’t hold back Now!
After all you’ve been through
 and the story you were living
 That came with such Joy and all that pain.

Don’t hold back Now!
Til you can finally see
 You are a prayer that’s sent to Heaven
with a breath that released you to fly so free.

So much of what you did
on the journey through this life.
was just the time it took
till your wings were strong enough to fly.

Don’t hold back now!
It’s time for you to fly.
Across the river of life here
To reach the other side.

And the angels all are smiling
and the love is all around
the work here has been done now
 and it’s time for you to move along.

You’ve stood on the perch to Heaven
 With one hand toward the skyward
one hand reaching down to us
as you waited to say goodbye.

So know the purpose you came here for
 is finally finished and has been done.
 the Blessings that you left for us
shall live on with love beloved one.

So don’t hold back Now!
 Give it all you’ve got
for so much more love is waiting
 as you fly to reach the rest.

 Fly so free to spirit
 and the light of your eternal soul.
  The prayer is finally free at last
 and it’s time for you to head on home.