Friday, April 12, 2013

Beloved workers of the way
To all those who have carried lantern of the One dream.
That laid the foundation to where we are right now
And restores us to greater reality.

To all the pilgrims of light
And the network of those who believed
Some seed planted in their heart and soul
That the truth will make everything all right.

Can you still hold on to the belief that you had a reason to come here?
Can you be ready for the blessings that come
when your work is done and love appears.

Can you receive the light of the new frequency
With a light that can burn away
 All of the illusions that you created
 are free on the wings of the prayer of now

Deliver us from the darkness Lord,
Deliver us to the light,
Deliver us from illusions
Deliver us to the love that births  the eternal Christ

For yours is the power and glory
That can set us all free
Your is the divine moment
That is here and now and shall ever be

All the beauty of the journey
That has led us to here and now
Is present in the presence of the holy spirit
that is with us when we are ready to just allow.

for with you comes the deliverance
and the love born from the heart of hearts
awaken now to the brilliance of the  new day
and be ready for a brand  new start.