Thursday, April 11, 2013

Through living and being here right now,

And finding through what we experience again and again

That there is an understanding that comes to us when we comprehend

 In this life,  there is absolute bliss and also suffering and pain.

We live on this common ground

With so many levels on the playing field of life.

We all share in this moment,

The breath that we breathe with such earthly delight.

And as we all journey through our life

There is this shared meeting place,

And with our life experience and all it asks of us,

We find we need compassion to feel loves’ sweet embrace.

And somewhere here there’s a common ground

Where we live and breathe on this earth

That allows us to live with the good and bad

And still hope for  a chance of rebirth.

For we must all live together

And see the Light that shines in you to be.

And as life sings it’s sweet song  to me

It’ might be that song can set you free.

The working out of details of life

Through each breath from now to eternity

Lives through us so gracefully

So we can see how differently we believe.

And as we allow each and every breath,

To bring us  all the lessons that we must learn,

As the world relentlessly takes us

Through this journey,  we always return.

And Enlightenment will call us

And the Christ will hold a place

To bring us back to each precious moment

As we live here in this time and space.